How to Overcome Rejection

Powerhouse prayer time this morning. It was a heavy weekend of revelation…surrendered the spirit of rejection over to God. He showed me so much about how we as His people, are designed by God, to belong.

The NEED TO BELONG, He said.

How we long to be included in everything, right?

It’s not a weakness… it’s not an inadequacy… it’s not even a short coming… it’s what every single person struggles with, because God made us that way. It’s our DNA …

In our friendships, in our work circle, with our family, with our children, with our church family, and even with our spouses. When we experience this demonic spirit of rejection, it crushes us… and it takes days to regroup and process. Some of us are struggling so much, it’s been years…. of pain, a deep-rooted pain that has infected our quality of life every where we go.

Some of us live in fear of people and situations because our past dictates that we’ll always be excluded. There are many of us that are suffering from this pain, and we don’t know how to work through it.

I suffered at one time… really bad from it… it came from my childhood. My father walked out when I was born… so the spirit lived through my Mother… she projected “no one wants me, or my children, so I won’t even try anymore to belong, anywhere.” She became an alcoholic because of this awful spirit. It was a way for her to cope, which brought on many issues. Her health, her spiritual health, her emotional health. Needless to say, I watched her, and almost repeated the behavior. I surrendered it to God, and He has had my heart for a very long time now.

Some of us are struggling with bitterness right now … some are fostering hateful and jealous feelings towards one another. I can say from experience; this does nothing for healing, but only allows us to look for ways to shame others because we are in such a deep pit of pain. We don’t even realize how much pain we are in, but everyone around us does.

So how does one deal with it?

The only way; is to surrender it to God. Pray for Him to show you what is the root of it… and how He is going to fix it. We can’t fix it. Only He can. He will love us so much through it, He will bring people into our lives, that will give us insight and perspective. You will know it’s God because it will be super natural knowledge and wisdom… and it will give you the power to change.


That’s JESUS!!!

That’s the power of the Holy Spirit!

We are in this fight together, because God made us that way! There is unity, healing, and love dealing with it TOGETHER.

I am so thankful for God allowing me to go through pain to use me as a tool in helping others! Even when it’s at my expense of rejection.

Thank you Lord for saving me from myself!



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