3 Ways Social Media Helps Grow a Business


Why does my business need to be on social media?

Isn’t that just for my teenagers to chat with their friends or just a social site?

Isn’t that fad going to go away and then we have to discover another way to keep in touch with people?

To correctly brand a business, social media is a great investment to reach people online looking for the answers that you have. People are researching, studying and looking for real answers to their problems. Why wouldn’t you take advantage to meet them where they are?

FaceBook has 1.038 billion active users. 91% of Millennials (15-34 years old) are using Facebook as their means of communication according to this report: http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/by-the-numbers-17-amazing-facebook-stats/

Here are 3 ways for social media to help your online awareness.

1.  Community. People want to see what your culture is like. They are even checking to see how often you respond to comments. Are you posting daily? Does it look like a ghost town on your profiles? Is there even a website linked so people can visit and see what you have to offer? Building a community explains to the guest that your online reputation matters to them. Their problems, are your answers. Are you reflecting this on your profiles?


2.  Out Reach. Every business needs to reach out to their community. They aren’t just going to automatically find your page. You have to be looking for them. Just because you post 3 times a week (which is not enough by far) people can’t see your presence this way. Have you thought about creating graphics that represent a solution to a problem in your community? Do you know what your audience needs?


3.  Website. You must have a website. This is your real estate. You own this piece of cyber space. You don’t own Facebook. They rent that space to you and can come in any time to shut it down if you are not following their terms of service. Facebook is a marketing tool for your website. If you are thinking that Facebook is the only tool you need, what will happen if they come in and shut down your page, and you have lost all your fan base? Did you get their emails? Their contact info? That’s what your website is for. Send them to your free opt in, and you now can exchange information in newsletters with them, events, important dates… All because you had Facebook set up correctly to market to them. This is called “relationships”. The single most important way to create your online brand awareness. How are you creating these meaningful ways to build your brand?


This is just a few ways to create your presence online. Facebook has so many unique tools to help create a thriving community! How have you used Facebook in the past to help generate your awareness? Leave your comments down below….

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Many blessings!



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